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[AOW] shootemhigh
[AOW] shootemhigh

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Forum rules Icon_minitimeMon Oct 06, 2008 11:56 am

First off I just want to remind you all what happened to the last forums, so I figured that if we enforce this now so there no chance for this to happen later...

There are very few rules so I don't see this being a problem for any of us...

#1..There is to be no uncensored language that is not appropriate for people of all ages, I know that the members of AOW are 21 and older, but this is a website that everyone can view/join...Also I'm sure the agreement with the site does not approve of misuse of language...So any language that is not censored will be censored or deleted...

#2..There is to be no uncensored pictures/sig/avatars...Reasons being what was stated above

#3..Flaming and Bashing will be tolerated as long as the post follow the first two rules...

#4..As far as PM's go, anything that conflicts with the first three rules is to be left as a PM and not to be shown to the forum public..

Other than that have at it and enjoy posting...There may be a few that are added after discussing this with the Admins so this is subject to change...

I am also talking with Bish and ktread about doing a goal/achievements sticky that will be updated whenever a member achieves something in a game or the forums...Maybe a rank/insignia beside our names....This is to try and get the forums more active so we as a team can get our name out there...Any suggestions in what the reward and for what are welcome...

Also lets try and fill our ranks by going full tilt on recruiting...We'll all need to be a part of this...

Thank you...Shootemhigh...

Forum rules Shootemsigew1
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Forum rules
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