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 Mirrors Edge Review

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[AOW] Bishamon8
[AOW] Bishamon8

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PostSubject: Mirrors Edge Review   Mirrors Edge Review Icon_minitimeMon Nov 24, 2008 11:39 am

Sick of FPS??!! Well I'm not either! BUT, on the shelves these days is a little title called Mirrors Edge, that can truely bring some refreshment to FP gaming.

From what I gather, basically the city that you're living in has become a facist state. The "blues" (police) are out to supress your ability to pass information that could be detremental to the propoganda that's being unleashed all around you. Faith (you) is a runner, highly skilled in the street sport of Parkour (free running for you westerners). Her sister Kate has been framed for a murder, and it's up to you to help clear the family name. Kate BTW is a blue.

You start off on the roof tops, with a simple tutorial from a fellow runner celeste, or molest as I like to call her. Here you become familiar with the controls, pretty simple, L1 for jump/high attack, L2 for slide/low attack, R2 for punch or kick (depending on which L2 button you press) Triangle for disarming and shooting, Square for slow motion, helps with disarming.

At first I wasn't sure how this game was going to play out, quite frankly I still haven't gotten completely fluid with combonations like running slide, run wall, kick.... But I'm getting there and I'm almost done with the game. Game takes from what I hear about 6 hours to complete. Anyway, the graphics are contemporary, and clean, primary colors fill the cityscape. The sense of urgency to outrun your adversaries is intense, you find yourself, running ending up in a storage closet, looking around franticly for your escape. Overall the game moves fast, up walls, jumping from one building to the next, sliding under A/C ducts, down a zip line, crossing poles using the six axis to balance. When you encouter blues, you can do a number of different attacks to disarm them. You can also get your ass kicked pretty quick too. Once a blue has been disarmed you can shoot their weapon. Keep in mind you cannot pick up any extra ammo, so the weapon is only as good as it's clip. This can help to thin out your opponents. It is important to isolate them to attack them, as when they are in #'s it's almost guarenteed to be your ass.

As you go through the game, you look for the mirror's edge gliffs, which are posted in random places. These indicate that there is a runner's bag stashed close by. I believe they are nothing more than just a hidden "trophy" if you will.

I find myself strangly addicted to this game, maybe cause it's so different from the norm. Maybe it's because it's fast paced. Could be the clean graphics, as you run through the city, Or it could be simply that it's just a fucking fun game to play, while being in pursuit of the perfect run combonation. Once you get moving you feel pretty good hauling ass over and under, and on the side of obsticles.

In short, I like it, it's fun, glad I got it.

8.5 +/10

Mirrors Edge Review Elliotgeneralbadge4oj9


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Mirrors Edge Review
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